47 properties up for auction in Clinton County

Published: Jun. 5, 2018 at 5:36 PM EDT
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Bidders get ready! The Clinton County tax auction is Wednesday, June 6.

"April 23rd was the last day for these people to pay their taxes and if they did not pay that day, then the county took possession of that property," Clinton County Treasurer Kimberly Davis said.

Forty-five houses or lots are up for grabs for the first time. Two remain from previous years. That's 47 homes on the auction block.

Davis says the county lost out on $157,000 in taxes because no one was paying the bills.

"So it's exempt, no taxes are being collected on it, so that's less money for the town, the county. So it's important to make sure that we're getting those back on the tax rolls," Davis said.

Monday and Tuesday the auction company hosted show times of the lots up for bid, so interested people could check out the properties prior to Wednesday's big event.

"You should not bid without seeing what you're going to be buying. So that's why we take the opportunity to put a showing schedule together to let you have that opportunity," auctioneer Frank Pietrzak said.

The homes are sold as is. Buyers must have cash, a bank check or a credit card with them at the auction.

"You have to have the money with you, you cannot leave. If you leave, you will lose your spot," Davis said.

The highest bidder wins but the sale is still not final.

"Within 30 days they have to close, so it's a very tight framework. And if they don't close, they actually lose their deposit and they can't bid for five years," Davis explained.

There are no minimum bids on the homes except for previous owners. Previous owners must pay off the current property tax balance.

Registration starts Wednesday at 8 a.m. at the West Side Ballroom.