Dozens of Christmas trees stolen from Wisconsin grower

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TOWN OF RICHMOND, Wis. (WBAY) A Wisconsin grower says dozens of Christmas trees were stolen from his property.

Dan Hanauer and his family own nine farms in the Shawano County area. The trees were stolen from their operational center. They've owned it for 53 years. The trees are primarily sold wholesale and shipped off.

It was Monday morning when Hanauer noticed something wasn't right.

"It had snowed until about 2 p.m Sunday afternoon and I came here down to the loading area with a customer. I could see tracks and I could see piles of trees that had been disturbed because the snow was not on top of the piles," Hanauer said.

It wasn't long before he realized 75-100 of his trees were gone. He said that's $2,500 taken from his family business.

"The most frustrating part is the fact that you work hard, for years-- these trees are 15 years old-- from the time the seed was planted. You work hard for years and years and get no return, you work hard in the snow, you work in the cold, you work in the rain, you work in the heat, then somebody else thinks they should be entitled to the proceeds," Hanauer said.

The Shawano County Sheriff's Department is investigating the case.