'Side hustles' increasingly common

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- While many of us are taking a break from work this holiday week, others are focused on more than one job.

"I have this mom role, I have this professional role, I have this side hustle role," said Krissy Zegers of Wisconsin.

Zegers has a lot to juggle. She has a full-time job.

"It's usually upwards of 50 hours a week that I'm working at my full-time job," she said.

She's also a mom of 3-year-old Bennett and 8-month old Carter, and a little more.

"My side hustle for me happens really after my kids are in bed, or if it's a weekend while they're napping," Zegers said.

On top of her traditional full-time job, Zegers works online in network marketing, selling luxury hair products. After that, she squeezes in teaching a yoga class at least once a month.

"So my personality is very like ambitious. I like to set goals, I like to do lots of things," she said.

Managing multiple jobs or "side hustles" is becoming increasingly common. In the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, 9.3 million Americans held an "unincorporated worker" job, meaning they work individually for themselves. The BLS predicts that number will double by 2020.

A study by Bank Rate says 4 in 10 Americans hold a "side hustle."

Zegers says, the extra jobs have their perks.

"I can choose to do it when I was to do it. Set it aside. Still foster relationships, that always has to be happening, but I can kind of put it on the backburner a little bit when my life gets crazy," she said.

Whether it's driving an Uber, or walking dogs after your 9 to 5, there are lots of options in the world of side hustles.

If you're hoping to get started, Zegers has some advice.

"Treat it like a business. If your goal is to really make some money off of it, or to create another revenue stream, you have to treat it like you would everything else. It has to be a business," Zegers said.