Former astronaut Owen Garriott dies at 88

Owen Garriott was one of the first six scientists-astronauts selected by NASA in the 60s. (Source: NASA/WAFF/Gray News)
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF/Gray News) NASA reports that former astronaut Owen Garriott passed away on Monday at age 88.

Family members say Garriott suffered a fatal heart attack. It happened while he was being treated for a broken neck following a fall at his Huntsville home on Saturday.

Garriott was one of the first six scientist-astronauts selected by NASA in the 1960s.

He flew aboard the Skylab space station during the Skylab 3 mission. He later flew on the Spacelab-1 mission.

Read more of NASA's announcement and Garriott's official NASA biography.

In lieu of flowers, Garriott's family is asking for contributions to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, HudsonAlpha or the Huntsville Botanical Garden.

No decision about a memorial service has been made, but he will be buried in Enid, Oklahoma.

Garriott is survived by his wife, Eve, four children and three stepchildren.

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