Global teddy bear scavenger hunt keeps kids entertained at home

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WASHINGTON (GRAY DC) -- Big bears, small bears, brown bears, gray bears and even panda bears: Families around the world are on a bear hunt.

Global teddy bear scavenger hunt keeps kids entertained at home (Source: Gray DC)

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing families to stay home. Even local parks are closed.

To help keep kids entertained while following social distancing guidelines, neighborhoods, like this one in Washington, D.C., are creating teddy bear scavenger hunts.

It's pretty simple; families place stuffed bears in their windows for kids to find.

"Seeing the bears is kind of a bright side to everything," said Ryan Buman.

Buman said he saw his friends posting pictures of bears in their windows online, so he started a Facebook group to gather all the photos in one place.

The group now has more than 12,000 members in all 50 states and more than a dozen countries, proving the hunt is global.

"It's sharing the love right now. Our world is in a big time of chaos and there are people who this is kind of their happiness that they get to see right now because they can't get out," Buman said.

If you want to share your bear hunt photos, the Facebook group is called Going on a Bear Hunt a Teddy Bear Hunt that is!!!!

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