5G takes center stage at CES tech show

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CBS) A lot of the buzz at the annual CES tech show in Las Vegas is about 5G. The high speed internet is expected to not only make our phones faster but help cars drive on their own.

The Motorola Z3 smartphone is expected to be the first on the market with the power of 5G.

"All you have to do is attach the 5G Moto Mod to a Z3 device, instantly the consumer will have 5G service on their phone," said Motorola's Doug Michau, who displayed the 5G adapter that will be available in the coming months.

Reporter Kara Tsuboi: How much faster is it?
Doug Michau: So, basically you're getting 10 times faster speed then you are today.

Eventually 5G could be up to 100 times faster than current 4G speeds. Several companies are promising the high-tech upgrade in the near future.

"The applications are limitless," said CNET's Roger Cheng. He says providers are installing the new small cell towers that carry 5G and this fifth-generation technology will do more than make browsing and downloading quicker. "We went from 3G to 4G, we enabled all new apps including Uber, Airbnb, live-streaming on Facebook -- those things did not exist without 4G. We couldn't even conceive of those apps before it happened. With 5G the promise is apps that haven't even been figured out yet."

It could also make full self-driving cars a reality, allowing them to talk to each other. Samsung is developing technology to do even more.

"So if there is an accident two miles down the road, with the power of 5G that information is going straight to the network from the infrastructure and straight to my vehicle and I'm getting alerts right here on the dash," said Samsung's Adam Kuhn.

The technology can also replace internet service in your house. Verizon is currently offering 5G home service, replacing the need for cable or fiber-based internet.

5G will roll out in the next few months in several large cities but it may be a couple of years before it's widely available.