9-year-old Nymen of New Hampshire needs a kidney

CLAREMONT, N.H. (WCAX) A little boy in New Hampshire needs a big favor. And he's got the support of his entire community behind him. Our Adam Sullivan explains.

There are a lot of people in the city of Claremont and beyond who are talking about Nymen Koch.

"I guess I'm kind of famous, I guess," he said.

But it's attention that this soft-spoken 9-year-old with a big smile could live without.

Last year, Nymen got sick, very sick, and was rushed to the hospital.

"His eyes all swelled up, well, his whole face did," mom Debra Chapman said. "They sent us to Dartmouth and he had bloodwork and they said that he was in kidney failure."

Nymen was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis or FSGS. It's a hereditary kidney disease.

A couple of months back, both his kidneys were removed and now Nymen makes trips to Boston three days a week for dialysis.

"He is hooked up to a machine, one tube goes in, one tube goes out. The blood is coming in, the blood is going out and when it's going out, it's filtered through this machine and then coming back into Nymen," his mother explained.

And while Nymen plays with his new pug, he's constantly waiting for the phone to ring. He needs a kidney donor with Type A or Type O blood.

Signs of support for Nymen have been popping up all over the community, like at the police station.

"We had the ability to use our signboard to get the message out to help this person in our community," Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase said.

Another urgent message is posted outside the nearby hardware store.

"This is a child in our community who needs help, so anything we could do to help with that process," store owner Patty Miller said.

"The outpouring of this community is just so surprising," Chapman said.

Nymen's mom says anyone could help the cause by simply giving blood. And while she says he could live on dialysis for the time being, she says a kidney donor could help give her son his life back.

"He is just so looking forward to somebody being his hero. He really is," she said.

This little boy says it's going to happen.

Reporter Adam Sullivan: Your mom tells me that you are 100% confident that you are going to find a match, you are going to get a new kidney?
Nymen Koch: Yeah.

And he's got the entire region rooting for him.

Anyone who thinks they might be a match can contact Nymen's mom by email: ncksmom290@yahoo.com