A bomb scare in St. Albans

ST. ALBANS. Vt. (WCAX) A bomb scare in St. Albans City. Police responded to a business on Route 7 Saturday after a suspicious package was found in a dumpster.

It happened at the Jolly's gas station and convenience store a little before noon. Police say a beeping package with wires was located in a dumpster behind the building. The store was evacuated while police investigated.

"It looked like a piece of garbage somebody had thrown out back of the store. The concern was that it was aluminum foil and it had wires sticking out of it and it was making a beeping sound so we were kind of concerned it could be a bomb," said Capt. Ron Hoague of the St. Albans Police Department.

Investigators consulted with the Vermont State Police Bomb Squad and determined the item was not a threat. They says it was likely packaging from merchandise stolen from a nearby store. Police are still searching for the person responsible.