Plattsburgh signs off on larger Kohl's sign

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) Kohl's has won a variance for the sign at its coming store in the town of Plattsburgh.

Some had worried the ongoing squabble over the size of the sign might stop the retailer from coming to town.

Kohl's wanted a sign at their entryway that was larger than the town allows. The town says signs are based on the square footage of the store inside the mall.

The department store originally asked for 197 square feet of signage for their 42,000-square-foot store. The town said they are allowed 98 square feet.

Kohl's then scaled back twice. Wednesday evening, they asked the zoning board to allow a 155-square-foot sign, which Plattsburgh Town Codes and Zoning Officer Steve Imhoff said is more in compliance with the other businesses, not only in the mall but other businesses in the area.

Kohl's has been working with the town to come here for years. Construction has already started on their two entryways and the store itself.

They have not one but three permits for the construction of the site on the Champlain Centre's grounds within the town.

Imhoff says this is common when it comes to large stores looking to build.

"This is quite common. It's a very competitive market, not only Smithfield but Route 3 from the interstate all the way down to Walmart, it's a very completive market. Everyone wants a piece of what they consider the million-dollar mile, so more signage helps businesses," Imhoff said.

Wednesday evening, the zoning board voted in favor of a variance for the Kohl's sign.