A smashing good time in London's Christmas rage room

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LONDON (CBS) It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in London's busiest shopping district. And many are getting swept up in the holiday spirit. Others are escaping underground to relieve some stress.

Welcome to Rudolph's rage room, where visitors don Christmas-themed jumpsuits and take out their aggression on decorations.

Billy Holmes and Clare Morris of London channeled their anger with the help of their most hated Christmas song.

"I feel very destressed and de-raged now!" Morris said.

But Holmes still wasn't feeling any better about Christmas.

"No," Holmes said. "It sucks."

People pay $25 to vent their frustrations. They get a baseball bat and have three minutes inside the rage room. They all have their own reasons for being there.

"It's the songs, the cold weather; I'm a summer guy," Holmes explained.

"By this date, I think people are pretty sick of the Christmas music, all the decorations. I think people are done with it and want to get out some of that stress," Morris said.

A creative events group came up with the idea to help people relax.

"Everybody has loved it universally whether they hate Christmas or they love Christmas," organizer Meredith O'Shaughnessy said.

For Pearse and Oddette Egan, it was the perfect holiday treat.

"I feel better!" Odette said.

"I just imagined everyone from last Christmas who didn't get me anything," Pearse said with a laugh. "And then showed them how it was!"

The event ran for just a day-- long enough for people to get that rage against the Christmas machine out of their systems.