A tribute in Bradford honors Oxbow's missing class of 2020

Published: Apr. 17, 2020 at 5:21 PM EDT
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There's a new tribute to Bradford's Class of 2020 along the side of the road next to Oxbow High School -- a photographic salute to the seniors missing their final year.

Earlier this week, we got an email from a Bradford resident about the tribute and we asked if a couple of students would be willing to talk -- about a dozen showed up.

They are names, faces, and voices that in some ways represent every high school senior across the state.

"It is kind of like, what's the point of doing school if you don't get your graduation," said Cooper Simmons, an Oxbow senior.

As the doors of Oxbow High School remain closed for the rest of the year, students like Simmons are each feeling their own pain. "Sports has always been a big thing in my life and not getting my final year of baseball really sucks," he said.

"It is really sad because that is where most of my friendships are -- sports," said senior Melanie Neil.

Like the sign says out in front of the school, they are all 'alone together.'

"The fun parts of your senior year, the fun part of all your schooling career, where you get to do all the fun stuff, that pretty much gets taken away," said senior Cody Gregoropoulos.

The salute to the Class of 2020 -- an outside portrait gallery of all the seniors -- was put together by a local photography company as a way to give the students something back.

"No one can control a pandemic, so it is kind of devastating, but at the same time everybody is just sticking together and doing the best that we can," said senior Lauren Wright.

Leaving the school, Liz Bradley, a family member of one of the seniors showed up to snap a couple pictures. She calls it an amazing tribute. "Everyone in the entire world who is a senior is completely saddened by this whole thing. I mean, you wait your whole life to have your prom and your graduation," Bradley said.

The students say that their principal is working on a graduation in some form even if it takes place next fall. It comes as some consolation to a class that had it's senior year canceled.

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