Administration to revamp Labor Relations Board after calls of bias

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) The Scott administration is allowing change to how members of the state Labor Relations Board are selected.

The six-member board helps settle labor disagreements. Governor Scott nominated Karen O'Neil earlier this year, but the Senate did not confirm her. The Vermont State Employees Association argued O'Neil's ties to management were too strong to serve in a neutral position. The union also questioned how the five-member panel that reviews candidates was comprised.

Labor Commissioner Lindsay Kurrle says she's addressing that. Two panel members she picked resigned so it can have a fresh start. "Some folks didn't feel that we had done the panel appointments within the statute, but there was a lot of ambiguity as well," Kurrle said. "We chose to apply that retroactively in hopes that the credibility of the panel wouldn't be questioned, so that people who were appointed down the road don't endure what happened this last time."

Two Labor Relations Board members have terms set to expire and a third seat remains vacant. A new review panel will help select candidates for the openings.