After soggy spring, many overjoyed by brief glimpse of sun

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) After what seems like weeks of rain, clouds -- and even snow -- people shed their coats in South Burlington Thursday as the sun peaked through the clouds.

"We've had some teasing weather, for sure, but I'm hoping this is the real spring this time," said Chelsea Boardman of Milton, enjoying time with her child at the playground.

"It's been such a slow, frustrating start to the season. It's been wet, it's been cold, so it was great to be out there today," said Terry Sheahan, who ventured out to play golf. "This is about my fourth time, and ordinarily I'd say on a regular year I'd probably have about seven, eight times in by now."

Other playground families were also excited for sunny skies."We're looking forward to planting some more vegetables. She has a little garden," said Kelly Hergenrother, a South Burlington mother.

But spring athletes are still struggling with soggy fields. "My middle child's soccer games keep getting cancelled cause it's too wet," Hergenrother added.

"They're under water. There's many schools right now that couldn't play last night, even though we didn't have any rain yesterday," said Tom Lewandowski, a high school baseball umpire.

That National Weather Service's Scott Whitaker says its been a spring of unsettled weather, but no major records broken. "We haven't had heavy, heavy rain -- in terms of record rainfall -- we've just had a lot of light rain with a lack of full sunshine and warm temperatures," he said.

The unpredictability causing cabin fever for some families. "I was shocked. All the pictures of daffodils and tulips that were covered in snow was kind of sad," Boardman said.

"I planted some plants outside on Mother's Day and I'm not sure if they're going to make it," Hergenrother said.

And frustration for athletes. "We've been rescheduled so many times, schools are going crazy trying to get the schedules in. It's going to stack them right up to the end of the season," Sheahan said. "Here we are, and hopefully summer busts out in a hurry, now."

Now everyone crossing their fingers the sun is here to stay, and the rain will finally go away.