Virus death toll tops 10,000 in New York

Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 3:56 AM EDT
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New York’s death toll from coronavirus topped 10,000, with hospitals still seeing 2,000 new patients a day.

Officials announced Monday that the daily death toll for the state was 671, the lowest it's been in a week. The total death toll so far is now 10,056.

Cuomo said despite the decline, that people are still dying at a “horrific level of pain and grief and sorrow.” Despite making progress, Cuomo says reopening the economy could still take a while. He said the U.S. should look at other countries who have reopened and learn what worked for them.

"You'll turn that valve very slowly -- reopening the economy, more essential workers – do it carefully, do it slowly, and do it intelligently. More testing and more precautions. And while you're opening up that valve, watch the meter. What's the meter? The meter is the infection rate. The meter is those daily hospitalization rates," Cuomo said.

He said that once there is a proven vaccine, that's when the coronavirus pandemic will really be over. Health experts say it could still take 12 to 18-months for a vaccine.

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