All Breed to help rescue dogs from Harvey

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WILLISTON, Vt. (WCAX) All Breed Rescue in Williston is preparing to take in dogs trapped in Tropical Storm Harvey. Employees say they will be taking in up to 12 transport dogs from a shelter down south. Shelters in Texas are currently overflowing with lost dogs, or dogs left behind, which is why the rescue shelter decided to help out.

"We need to clear some space down there so they can take more dogs in," said Scarlett Clark, an All Breed employee. "Unfortunately, in the south, it's really common if they don't have space you can no longer have them there. So, you either get rid of them or these places are high-kill shelters and they are put down. We don't want that, we want to save as many as we can from all over."

Currently, All Breed is unsure of the arrival date of the dogs, but workers are anticipating it within the next week or two.

Employees also want to urge future adopters to be prepared and not to adopt animals just because they want to help with relief efforts.

"We're highly dedicated to saving as many dogs as we can," Clark said. "Right now especially because of Hurricane Harvey, you should do your research before, make sure your homes are ready. If you feel this is the right time, we have some dogs who really need help."

Vermont English Bulldog Rescue is also doing a similar transport.