Allergic to Christmas trees?

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) "We're always surprised and happy when people come in and say they need to find the perfect tree and they found it in two minutes and they say how surprised they are," said Christian Oest, the owner of Cook and Gardener.

That perfect scent filling the air.

"The balsam is the more traditional Christmas tree smell," Oest noted.

Cook and Gardener is here for your holiday needs.

"So will have everything. We can find a tree for anyone," Oest said.

More importantly, they think of everything.

"As long as it's not next to a radiator," Oest said. "Should be fine as long as it's in water."

Lack of water isn't the only problem you would need to worry about.

"There can be mold on Christmas trees. Who knows what the tree went through the summer or you bring it into your home where it's warm. You just cut it down, so, of course, it's going to start decaying," said Chris Eney, a certified lab specialist.

Yes-- mold, dancing its way into your decked halls.

"You're going to feel the symptoms of the allergy," Eney said.

I know, I know. This doesn't fit the mold for your holiday, but it's out there. It's not just mold that can stuff you up but the tree's pine needles.

"It's the pollen, actually," Eney explained.

Pollen covering your evergreen. There are many alternatives to this-- get a fake tree or load up on allergy meds.

"They can suffer through it or come be allergy tested to see what they're allergic to," Eney said.

Health experts say, if you're worried about mold, take your tree down sooner rather than later.