Americans hit by more and more hidden fees, extra charges

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NEW YORK (CBS) Cristyne Nicholas is just one of the millions of Americans frustrated with hidden fees and extra charges.

She recently bought a flight posted online for a little more than $100 but it ended up being a lot more.

"At the end of the day, it's about $190 or $203 because you have to pay for the seat, you have to pay for the baggage," Nicholas said.

For Mark Baden, the surprise came when he rented a car and was hit with an automatic refueling fee.

"It was really frustrating there's nothing you can do about it," Baden said.

Extra flight and rental car charges were among the most common that people complained about in a new Consumer Reports survey.

But fees from telecommunication providers came in number one, including the extras found on cable bills, like broadcast TV and sports programming surcharges.

Hotels also made the list. Many now add charges like resort fees.

"People are driven crazy by them; 96% of the surveyors responding said they found them annoying," said Anna Laitin, the financial policy director at Consumer Reports.

Laitin says fighting back against the fees is tough.

"For individuals it's a matter of searching carefully, understanding where fees might pop up and doing everything you can to know what's coming and budget for it and to fight when you feel there's a fee you've been charged unnecessarily," Laitin advised.

The good news: The survey found that 64 percent of people who complained about an unexpected charge were able to get it taken off their bill.

Consumer advocates are pushing to get rid of the added fees we experience every day but admit they aren't going away anytime soon.