An effort to fight the growing number of fake ID's

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BURLINGTON, Vt. In an effort to fight the growing number of fake ID's, Vermont has received new technology to better detect fakes.

“The amount of fake ID's we've been finding throughout the state, they're numerous and they're very, very good,” said Sgt. Andy Thibault.

Sgt. Thibault is with the Vermont Department of Liquor Control. He says fake ID's have been found in bars, restaurants and even grocery stores.

“We're having a difficult time ourselves detecting some of the fake ID's while were out doing our inspections,” he said.

To help identify the fakes -- The Vermont Department of Health gave money to the state to help purchase high tech ID scanning equipment. The machines can detect any differences between real and fake ID's, and can tell if it's gone through more than once.

“As technology gets better, they definitely get better, the fakes are getting really good now,” said Adam Vernali.

Vernali works security at Red Square on Church Street. They haven't used the scanners, but a state provided guide helps them thoroughly examine all ID's before letting anyone in.

“It's a liability not only for the people who work here but the bar and you for your personal safety,” he said.

The ID scanners are deployed randomly throughout the state. Currently, an officer from the DLC is present to help use the machine. This helps establish partnerships with businesses and educates employees on how to spot fakes. They hope to eventually have places use the scanners on their own.

“It's also a great enforcement tool for us, to start to have some type of deterrent in a community to keep fake ID's off from being used inside an establishment,” said Sgt. Thibault.

The DLC says they have confiscated well over 800 fake ID's from the greater Burlington area since deploying the machines in the fall. If you're caught with one, you could pay the price. The fine is almost $300 and you'll lose your driver’s license for 60 days.