Appeals court stops U.S. House from getting grand jury secrets from Mueller investigation

(CNN) - An appeals court has stopped the House of Representatives from getting grand jury secrets for the impeachment probe, at least for now.

An appeals court has ruled the Justice Department does not have to provide secret grand jury testimony from the Mueller probe to the U.S. House. (Source: CNN)

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Justice Department does not have to provide secret details from the Mueller investigation to the house by Thursday.

But it's not clear yet how long that deadline to turn over the information will remain on hold.

The case has become one of several ongoing separation of powers court battles, all of which are testing whether the Trump administration can stonewall the House as it collects evidence and considers impeaching the president.

The House has told the court it needs to review the confidential Mueller grand jury materials so it can consider multiple articles of impeachment
The House is also considering President Trump's actions towards Ukraine as grounds for impeachment, as well as more recent attempts to block the House's pursuits.

So far, the administration has been successful in delaying the House probe by holding up testimony from witnesses, Trump financial document subpoenas and even the Mueller grand jury information-sharing.

Yet federal judges have roundly shot down the administration’s arguments so far, repeatedly saying the House deserves the information it says it needs.

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