Arts So Wonderful to beautify Winooski River Walk

WINOOSKI An iconic part of Winooski is getting a makeover.

The city is partnering with the non-profit, Arts So Wonderful, to beautify the space under the bridge connecting Burlington and Winooski.

The trail running along the wall is a portion of the Winooski River Walk.

City officials say Arts So Wonderful has a paint-sponsor, and the project will not cost tax payers money.

They added that the blank wall has attracted a lot of graffiti over the years, and they hope this will prevent any more.

The mural's designer says the concept is a big visual timeline, celebrating the city's history decade by decade.

"We want to honor the first people who were ever in Winooski [during] Abenaki time, and up through the current diversity and wonderful parts that make Winooski special," said Arts So Wonderful's Elizabeth Emmet.

The City's Community Engagement & Volunteer Coordinator, Olivia Miller, said the mural is for the city's inhabitants.

"I'm really excited to have the community be involved in making the mural so they can feel like they can own a piece of this because, for people that live in Winooski, this is your mural," said Miller.

The artists plan to seal the finished product, in hopes that it lasts for years to come.