As more states legalize pot, more people admit driving high

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LOS ANGELES (CBS) As more states legalize marijuana, more people admit driving while high. And most Americans think those drivers will never get caught.

A new survey from AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety finds nearly 15 million drivers report getting behind the wheel within an hour after using marijuana.

Drivers we spoke to are not surprised, but they are concerned.

"Oh yeah, I know a lot of people that do that. It's kind of stupid," driver Marissa Guillen said.

"Lots of things can happen on the road. You need your wits about you," driver Vincent Mann said.

The report from AAA says nearly 70 percent of Americans believe it's unlikely drivers high on marijuana will get caught. But the Automobile Association points out that police are getting more sophisticated.

AAA spokesperson Rachel Sturm said, "You can get caught if you are driving under the influence, and also regardless of if marijuana is legal in your state, it's not legal for you to get behind the wheel impaired."

In Los Angeles, drug-related DUI arrests shot up 32 percent after marijuana was legalized for recreational use last year.

Ofc. Kamaron Sardar is a drug recognition expert with the LAPD. He says marijuana impairs critical driving skills.

"It affects depth perception. It affects memory and concentration," Sardar said.

The LAPD says drivers should wait eight hours after smoking marijuana before getting behind the wheel.

AAA says millennials are the most likely to drive within an hour of smoking marijuana.