BPD: New training is reducing racially biased traffic stops

Published: Apr. 18, 2018 at 8:30 AM EDT
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Burlington Police officials say they are making progress at preventing racial bias during traffic stops.

Data collected from the department in the past showed black drivers were treated differently than white drivers. Black drivers were less likely to be let off with a warning and had a higher chance of getting searched.

But a

Police Chief Brandon del Pozo says new training has helped.

"If cops are pulling a car over on the side of the road and they are making assessments about the level of suspicion, it is based on good investigative techniques, it's based on knowledge of how to ask questions and interview people, it's based on proper law so that the search is are more likely to be fruitful when they conduct them," he said.

But del Pozo says there is still work to be done. Last year 7 percent of black drivers were searched during a traffic stop, compared to 1 percent of white drivers.