Bellows Falls votes to fine battered building owners

BELLOW FALLS, Vt. (AP) Bellows Falls has decided to start issuing fines to the owners of two battered buildings that accrued pending unsafe building orders against them.

The Bellow Falls Village Trustees voted unanimously on Tuesday to impose daily fines of $500 against Stephen McAllister and $100 on Christopher Glennon.

The Battleboro Reformer reports the decision follows a frustration among the trustees who felt ignored by the owners. The board says they had held off on fining Glennon, who owns the former YMCA building because he said he doesn't have the funds to pay for the repairs.

His property is set to go to tax sale later this year.

Village President Deborah Wright says the fines were delayed against the two owners in hopes that they would repair their properties.

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