Ben & Jerry's partners with Nike on sweet sneakers

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Ben & Jerry's is known for their unique ice cream flavors but now shoes, too? Our Ike Bendavid has the scoop.

It's an unusual combination that has two companies stepping in stride.

"It's a Ben & Jerry's-inpired Nike shoe," said Jay Curley, the global head of marketing for Ben & Jerry's.

After nearly two years of collaboration, the Nike Skateboarding brand and the ice cream company that started in Vermont have a new release-- the Chunky Dunky, not to be confused with the hit flavor Chunky Monkey.

"People are very excited about this shoe," Curley said.

That excitement is in the details. With Ben & Jerry's cow print and blue clouds wrapped around the shoe, a tie-dye interior, plus the Nike swoosh dripping like melted ice cream.

"Like all subcultures, the nuances and excitement and small details that make such a big difference," Curley said.

The shoes retail for about $100 and are on a very limited release. It's rumored that just a few thousand pairs are being sold worldwide.

"There is more demand than there is supply for it, that's for sure," Curley said.

"The demand is very high," said Brendan Foster, who owns the Maven Skateshop.

Maven will be the only store in Vermont to sell the shoes when they hit the market.

"The phone is ringing. It's probably about the shoes. It rings all day," Foster said.

Foster says he's getting only 25 pairs and customer demand is so high, he had to create a raffle. More than 500 people have entered so far.

"If it's limited, if its hard to get-- those are what the collectors usually go after," Foster said.

"These shoes are impossible to get," said Jahuan Clark of Burlington, who collects and resells shoes online.

Clark says when a musician or athlete collaborates on a sneaker, it adds value-- the same thing we're seeing with Ben & Jerry's. The Chunky Dunky shoes that cost $100 at stores are expected to hit the resale market at $1,500 or more.

Reporter Ike Bendavid: Would you want these?
Jahuan Clark: Yeah, definitely. These would be insane... I think it's really dope for Vermont to try to get a little bit of recognition with some shoes.

As for Ben & Jerry's, they say they will only be getting a small profit and plan to donate that to COVID relief.

"It's been a blast putting this together," Curley said.

With only limited availability, catch them before they melt away.