Sanders faces backlash over Boston bombing answer

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BOSTON (CNN) Sen. Bernie Sanders is stirring up controversy after saying felons should be allowed to vote while still in prison.

During a CNN Town Hall Monday, he says that includes people like the Boston Marathon Bomber.

Sanders says felons, regardless of the crime, should still be allowed to vote, even if they killed others.

A Boston Marathon bombing survivor strongly disagrees saying it's not a right the attacker deserves.

"Absolutely not. He should not have that right. He took the life of innocent people. Changed and damaged many people's lives. And I don't think him, or anybody who is incarcerated for breaking the law, 'cause that's what we have laws for, I don't think they should have the right to vote," said Marc Fucarile, a survivor.

Vermont and Maine are the only states where incarcerated felons can still vote.