Biden answers supporters questions at NH campaign event

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NEW LONDON, N.H. (WCAX) Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill campaigned around New Hampshire Saturday. At Colby Sawyer College, Biden heard form students and the community about various topics.

Biden took questions on his proposals for health care, education, the defense budget and climate change. He has talked about these issues on the debate stage but on Saturday, supporters, and people on the fence got a chance to really hear his proposals and ask him questions on the issues they're unclear about.

The first question he took was on education. Biden said he plans to give teachers a more competitive salary, add more advanced placement courses in schools, give students more opportunities to get college credit while in high school and making community college tuition free.

He also vowed to re-enter the United States in the Paris Climate Accord, invest $5 billion a year in cancer research, invest more money in infrastructure to attract international business, reinforce NATO and increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Biden drew a large reaction when he said he plans to change the current tax structure that he says rewards wealth, not work.

"You're paying a higher tax rate than someone making, on Wall Street, a bond trader, you may be making ten or twelve million dollars a year, and they're paying a lower tax rate than you because of capital gains. Okay? 20 percent. Now, what we can do, I think everybody should be able to pay their fair share. So I would make sure the capital gains would go back to the normal rate of whatever your tax rate is," he said.

Guests in the crowd also had some tough questions for Biden. One man asked him what he would do differently about the way he handled the Anita Hill hearing in 1991, when she testified before an all-male panel on accusations that Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas sexually assaulted her. He responded by saying he is committed to making sure women are on the Judiciary Committee, and women who testify are asked fair questions.

Others wanted him to clarify how he plans to make education and healthcare more affordable. Voters we spoke with after the event said they felt he adequately answered their questions.

"I came into it completely undecided with what the field is right now and with a lot of what Joe had to say, I'm leaning more toward voting for Joe.," said Ken Davidson of Connecticut.

"I think some of the clarifying lines he had today, I think that were really helpful in terms of, not only the cost of Medicare for all, but really how his plan is affordable and still gets significant coverage and will reduce cost for people," Democrat Heather Barber said.

The Biden's wrapped up their trip in New England with a private fundraiser in Norwich.