Black Lives Matter flag flies over Burlington City Hall

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A Black Lives Matter flag is now flying at City Hall in Burlington.

The flag went up Tuesday after the City Council voted Monday night to raise the flag at City Hall. Council President Max Tracy says it passed 10-2.

We're told the two negative votes were not against the flag but with the specific wording in the resolution that passed.

It's still unclear how long the flag will fly, there is no formal date but we're told for the rest of the pandemic.

We asked people walking by on Tuesday for their reaction to seeing the flag raised at City Hall.

"I think that other races have not been treated equally for far too long and I hear people say all lives matter," said Norma Jane of Newport. "That's true but we need to make sure that lives that have not been heard are heard-- it's time for that."

"I'm glad it's there I would be really disappointed if it wasn't," said Sarah Wiles of Putney.

"I think it's just really important to show everybody that we are allies and we are here for them," said Ellie Mellowship of Putney.

City councilors said there is an active conversation about the current use of force policy at the Burlington Police Department.