VTrans to conduct blasting this week on Hinesburg Road project

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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Hinesburg Road residents in South Burlington will hear two to three blasts a day for the next week. This is part of the culvert construction project that has shut down the road for over a month.

VTrans says they need to remove eight feet of solid rock from the ground for the 14-by-140-foot culvert to be deep enough.

Workers expose the rock at the base of the culvert and fill it with charges before layering tire mats on top. The tire mats keep the charges in the ground and contained.

"The residents might hear a little thump, might feel a little thump, and you will hear a noise, but it's not going to be very dramatic," said Chris Achille, a Resident Engineer for VTrans.

Officials say the pedestrian bridge on Hinesburg Road will be closed from about five to fifteen minutes during each blast for safety. They say they hope to have the project finished by mid-September.