Blueberries in a pot

Blueberries in a pot

This is a little tiny blueberry bush. You know, people love blueberries, and a lot of times they don't have enough room for a big high bush blueberry. Or they don't have the right sun situation or they've got really heavy clay soil and it doesn't grow so well.

So the solution is blueberries in a pot! Don't they get too big if you get the small varieties. There are a lot of new varieties that only get a foot or two tall. This one's called 'North Sky'. There's another one called 'Jelly Bean'. And there's another one called 'Top Hat'. They're nice and small and they still produce blueberries, but the plant stays a nice size that will fit in a container.

If you want to grow a blueberry in a pot, on your deck, patio or in your garden, get a nice sized container, about 12inches in diameter. It doesn't have to be huge because you can always repot into a bigger one as it grows. Then fill it with a mix of potting soil and compost, and add a little bit of sulfur. Sulfur is important because it will lower the pH and that's what blueberries really like.

Once you plant it into the container and you have it growing, then add an acidifying fertilizer like something you use on rhododendrons or azaleas. Add the fertilizer maybe once a month. Once in June, July, maybe early August, and then that's it. Because you are growing in a container and it doesn't have a lot of nutrients you have to add fertilizer regularly.

Just let your blueberry grow and enjoy all of the fruits. Then in the winter all you want to do is take the whole pot with the blueberry, let it go dormant naturally, and lose its leaves. Then bring that pot into a basement, shed or garage, somewhere where it doesn't get below 20F degrees. And just leave it there all winter. Make sure the soil is barely moist,. Then in the spring, bring it out again and voila! Blueberries right on your patio or your deck!