Bolton murder suspect pleads not guilty

 Averil Beliveau
Averil Beliveau (WCAX)
Published: Mar. 16, 2020 at 4:56 PM EDT
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New court documents Monday reveal the grisly murder scene Vermont State Police encountered Saturday in Bolton, where investigators say a woman killed her boyfriend with a knife.

Court paperwork reveals a horrific attack.

"It certainly outlines a brutal homicide," Chittenden County State's Attorney Sarah George said.

Averil Beliveau, 30, is accused of slitting her boyfriend's throat -- likely from behind -- in the apartment they shared at the Bolton Valley Resort.

"From her statement, this homicide occurred on Thursday night around 9 p.m. She believes he was dead by 11 p.m.," George said.

But police say Beliveau waited to call the police for two days. They say she left his lifeless body in the apartment and went to her parents' home in Jericho to change her clothes and then turned to sleep in the same room where 45-year-old Cameron Faling took his last breath.

"She called police Saturday morning around 7 a.m.," George said.

And in that 911 call, she admitted she "slit his neck." But Beliveau paints a picture of self-defense, telling investigators she was protecting herself. She says Faling choked her during a fight.

But investigators say there's no evidence of that. In fact, the only person with defensive wounds was the victim. Plus, investigators say Beliveau admitted she hid the knife behind her and walked toward him before inflicting the fatal wounds. And the police probe determined Beliveau purchased the alleged murder weapon weeks in advance.

"Don't think the evidence matches the statements," George said.

Beliveau told police the two would constantly argue over household chores and that he wouldn't help her buy pot.

When police arrived at the murder scene, they found Beliveau drinking tea in the small studio apartment that was covered in blood.

"There are some concerns about her mental health," George said. "That could make her a danger to the public."

Beliveau pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. She's being held without bail.