Booze-free 'bars' growing in popularity

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NEW YORK (CBS) It may be hard to imagine a bar without alcohol, but they are growing in popularity as more and more people search for booze-free alternatives.

When "Listen Bar" in New York City opens for one night every month, thirsty patrons pack the house ready for an evening of drinking that doesn't involve any alcohol. All of the craft cocktails are alcohol-free.

The drinks aren't just juice in a glass on ice. Lorelei Bandrovschi, who founded Listen Bar, says some of the ingredients have to infuse for more than 24 hours. Listen Bar also serves non-alcoholic IPA beer and a dry sparkling rose.

Bandrovschi was inspired after taking a month off of drinking herself.

"It made me realize that alcohol just became the fuel that all these things are running on and I don't think it's to everyone's benefit," she said.

There's an increased demand for zero-proof cocktails and spirits. The growing "sober-curious movement" has more people taking a break from drinking altogether.

Sam Thonis and Regina Dellea recently opened up the booze-free "Getaway" bar in Brooklyn.

"I think for us the vibe of the space was very important. It needed to feel like a bar," Dellea said.

They say everyone is welcome whether they're sober or not, and that's also the same message at Listen Bar. Bandrovschi says her mission is to rewrite nightlife, serving up a fun evening that doesn't revolve around alcohol.