Border Patrol seizes more than 60 lbs of marijuana

CHATEAUGAY, N.Y. (WCAX) Border Patrol agents seized more than 60 lbs of marijuana late last week in what was a wild scene near Chateaugay, N.Y.

Border Agents say as they tried to make a stop on a car traveling eastbound on Route 11, another car intentionally hit the patrol vehicle, allowing the first car to get away. Police say the people in the two cars were working together.

New York State Police were able to track down the car that got away in Ellenburg Center, N.Y.

In total, three people were involved in the incident. They face multiple charges, including felony possession of marijuana.

“I am proud of the vigilance shown by these Border Patrol agents and impressed by the rapid response of the New York State Police,” Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge Michael Estrella said. “Without their help, a smuggler may have escaped with his contraband.”