Brattleboro opens a brand new music center

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. (WCAX) For over forty years, teachers at the Brattleboro Music Center had been working in less than ideal conditions. They always spoke of their old building as a temporary home.

"For years, we had been playing in this place that felt completely demoralized,” co-founder of the Brattleboro Music Center, Judith Serkin said. “Dingy, mildewy, lots of ambient sound. We could never give a lesson without hearing three other lessons happening."

Finally, the day has come where the teachers and students can move into a permanent facility. Recently, the community gathered in the music hall of the new Brattleboro Music Center to trumpet its success. It’s the first music hall built in Brattleboro in 150 years.

"Having that concert hall is enormous for us, because we've never had anything like that,” Serkin said.

The new music center is a 15,000 square foot facility, filled with soundproof studios and classrooms.

"There's so many people in this community that waited a long time to have a music hall and a music education center,” managing director of the Brattleboro Music Center, Mary Greene said. “For us to be the ones who have celebrated it and to help make it happen is a real honor."

The center hosted several important members of the community for a ribbon cutting ceremony last week, including board member, Jim Maxwell, dressed as Johan Sebastian Bach.

"We take music and good music seriously and technique and the preparation of young musicians very seriously, but we enjoy ourselves as we do it," Greene said.

Even during the ribbon cutting ceremony, students were having lessons in the various studios. A new building is music to their ears as well.

"It will be a lot more organized like I know exactly where I'm going. I know where everything is,” student, Silas Wickenden said. “It feels very improved.

4.9 million dollars was raised by more than 300 supporters to get to this point. Construction took 7 months