Career criminal Harley Breer back in court

Published: Sep. 13, 2018 at 7:52 AM EDT
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One of Vermont's most notorious career criminals is in trouble with the law once again. Harley Breer has a long history of violence against women, and now he's facing even more charges.

The Marshfield man faced a judge for probation violations Thursday morning, and the state is looking ahead for a possible conviction as a habitual offender. But many are wondering why Breer was out of jail in the first place.

Our Dom Amato found out what comes next.

"He doesn't have the evidence and, frankly, this is a witch hunt. I cannot continue to go through this," Breer said.

Breer was in Washington County Court Thursday morning to face a judge. He is accused of violating his probation in two cases because he allegedly kidnapped and assaulted his girlfriend just last week.

Breer is no stranger to the criminal justice system. The Marshfield man has done time for assault, kidnapping and rape. In the past, he's qualified as a habitual offender. Instead, he has been offered plea deals.

"I think the court of law operates to find fact, truth and respond to it accordingly," Washington County State's Attorney Rory Thibault said.

Thibault says he is charging Breer as a habitual offender for last week's crimes.

"That's just a mechanism of enhancement on the charging paperwork," Thibault said.

If convicted as a habitual offender, Breer could get life behind bars with no chance of parole.