Burlington airport makes changes to accommodate increase in travelers

Published: Jul. 29, 2019 at 8:35 AM EDT
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Officials say travel to the Burlington International Airport is up 11 percent from last year and they say they are seeing numbers like they've never seen before.

"We've probably never been as busy as we are right now," said Gene Richards, the airport's director of aviation.

To accommodate historically high numbers, travelers can expect some changes in the near and distant future. The first changes are adding a car wash and fueling farm for rental car companies.

They are also working on some inside changes to concrete.

"We've been working for the last five years in replacing all the concrete. We are on our third largest phase of that this summer," said Richards.

In September, there will be a temporary walkway connecting the north and south end of the airport.

"That will allow you some versatility at the airport," said Richards.

When that project is finished, travelers will be able to choose which entrance they want, depending on the line and convenience.

To also help with making travel easier in 2023, they hope to start construction to make one TSA checkpoint.

"We believe the traveling customer is looking for that. It's less confusion when you come to the airport, you go to the place and then you can decide what gate you go to based on where you are traveling," said Richards.

Officials say the new flight to Denver is always full and they are holding out hope for a flight to Boston.