Burlington International Airport repaving

Published: Dec. 9, 2018 at 7:42 PM EST
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If you have a flight scheduled out of Burlington, you'll want to know about some changes.

The airport will soon be repaving, so some of the terminal locations will be shifted around.

The concrete there is about 25 years old. That's why the FAA says concrete has to be replaced.

"Really, it's about the weight of the aircraft sitting in one spot for a length of time. Most of the airport is paved with asphalt. What we are going to recreate here is full concrete pavement, which does have sub-bases and materials underneath, which equates to about 2 feet in depth," said the airport's Nicholas Longo.

Repaving would also allow the airport to service bigger airplanes.

The project will cost $10 million. It will be 90 percent funded by FAA grants and 10 percent by the airport budget and passenger ticket costs.

Construction is expected to last from April to November next year.