Burlington Police see decrease in burglaries

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BURLINGTON. Vt, (WCAX) The Burlington Police Department released data from the past year and it shows that burglaries have gone down across the city by 30%. Most notably, police saw a 59% decrease in the area that has the highest number of burglaries, the area surrounding the University of Vermont.

"Burglaries are down in Burlington from 2018 to 2019," Deputy Chief Jon Murad said. "More specifically, the part of town in which we are most prone to burglaries is actually down 59% for the past year."

These statistics follow a downward trend since 2012. Murad say they've had the most success in the area surrounding the University of Vermont. "Burglaries are common in that section of town simply because we have a population that moves around a bit," he said. "We are talking populations that go away for long periods of time, and populations that are out and about and leave places empty at times."

Students at UVM say that they feel safe living in the Queen City but they still like to be cautious. "I would say that I feel safe in comparison to other cities, but I would never walk alone, I'd always have people with me," said Miranda Mishaan, a first year UVM student. "My roommate and I do leave our dorm unlocked from time to time. I want to try and be better about that."

Sophomore Mihir Edulbehram says that while he feels safe in Burlington, he'll take more precautions when he moves off campus next year. "I feel extremely safe in the city of Burlington, especially compared to Boston," he said. "But also just on campus is a very, very safe place to be I feel in general. I have a lease signed for next year, so definitely it's all year, and I'm definitely going to be more cautious about locking my house and such downtown."

Murad said that the Burlington Police hope to continue this downward trend of burglaries, and they hope the community will play an active role in doing their part for the safety of the public. "Public safety is a shared responsibility and when our neighbors work with one another to keep each other safe, all of us are safer," Murad said.

You can see the full report by clicking here.