Burlington Police Department Ceremony

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The Burlington Police Department is celebrating new officers and those getting promotions.

On Thursday, civilian dispatchers, parking enforcement officers, officers who completed field training, transferred officers and others who were promoted to ranks like, Sergeant and Lieutenant were all sworn in.

Rebecca Spittle is from Chittenden County and is excited to begin as a new patrol officer in Burlington. She and her fellow officers spent sixteen weeks of extensive training at the Vermont Police Academy and followed it up with another sixteen weeks of Field Training in Burlington.

Spittle said, “It's been a very long journey, so we're really glad to have made it this far to be FTO and to be serving the community of Burlington as new officers. Burlington is definitely home and I am just glad to be serving the community of Burlington."

Chief Brandon del Pozo says this is exciting for both the police department, and the community.

The new hires include men and women from the area, Plattsburgh, New Jersey, and as far away as Madrid, Spain.

Promotions went to those who are rank and file officers, who truly want to become leaders responsible for policing Burlington.