Burlington Police plan pandemic patrols during college move-in

Published: May. 30, 2020 at 7:26 PM EDT
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Burlington streets were busy around UVM and Champlain college on Saturday, as students moved out, and others moved in.

The Burlington Police Department says they'll be conducting additional patrols this weekend to ensure that state health guidelines are maintained through this process.

Nick Kaminski and his roommates are moving out of their home, across the street from the UVM campus. His roommates will be moving to another house in Burlington, but he's is returning home to Massachusetts; he is planning to quarantine himself when he returns home to make sure he doesn't catch, or spread COVID-19.

"Can't really think of ways that COVID-19 has affected the move -- It's just the regular stress of moving really," he said, "I'm prepared to go to a place where the situation is a bit more serious than it is here."

Students returning to Burlington from Out-of-State are expected to do the same according to city's 'Box-It-In' program. The Burlington Police Department will be performing additional patrols around the UVM/Champlain area this weekend to make sure students are following state health guidelines. Lieutenant Jason Lawson says Burlington Police have not had to break up any social gatherings to this point, but they will be out and about over the weekend to make sure leaving and returning students are being safe.

"So our officers will be taking advantage of, again focusing on those quality of life concerns," he said, "as well as taking the opportunity to consider and address any type of Covid compliance issues."

Kaminski says that he and his roommates have kept each other accountable during the crisis. He and his roommates hope that returning students will do what they can to protect themselves and the community during their initial two weeks in the queen city.

"At any time where maybe I would have lapsed -- they're there to be like 'don't do that'," he said, "which it's good to live with people like that during a pandemic."

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