Burlington airport to submit noise exposure map for federal grants

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 1:26 AM EST
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Burlington International Airport is getting ready to submit its noise exposure map to the FAA in hopes of getting tens of millions of dollars to help reduce the noise impact to the 2,600 homes near the airport.

Airport officials presented the final noise compatibility program plan before the City Council on Monday night.

Nic Longo, the deputy director of aviation at the airport, says they plan to submit it to the FAA by the end of December. If approved, the FAA will help them pay for several mitigation programs, such as soundproofing homes.

Longo estimates, if approved, the airport could get between $50 million and $100 million in federal funding.

Longo says people who live close to the airport can choose which program they want to participate in.

"Sound insulating by installing new windows, new doors into residential properties to reduce the interior noise levels. Purchase assurance is another one. That's if you, as a homeowner, feel impacted by the noise and wish to relocate-- there's a program for you. You can relocate. The airport, through the FAA, will purchase your property directly. Then, we can sound insulate the property and resell it on the open market,” Longo explained.

It will take the FAA about 180 days to review the noise compatibility program. Burlington International Airport should know by June 2020 if it qualifies for federal money.

Longo says the airport has been studying how to mitigate noise from the airport for years, but they recently updated their noise map in anticipation of the September arrival of the F-35 military jets.