Burlington DRB postpones Higher Ground permit vote

Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 8:33 AM EDT
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The Burlington Development Review Board Tuesday postponed a vote on a conditional use permit for Higher Ground's relocation to the Burton campus.

Due to time constraints, the board decided to postpone taking any action until their August 4 meeting. Instead, they heard an hourlong presentation from Burton and Higher Ground explaining the work they've done to ensure all criteria are met in order for the live music venue to make the move from South Burlington.

"We have an experienced and dedicated team that has established a management plan for this facility," Higher Ground's Alex Crothers said.

The board looked over their conditional use application, which is a vital step in securing an 11,000-square-foot spot inside the building for the performing arts center.

There are five criteria they have to meet. Those include public utilities, the character of the area, renewable energy resources, transportation systems and noise.

Some Burlington residents have said they are concerned by noise and other activities the club will bring. Eddie Duncan of the Resource Systems Group is assisting Higher Ground in the noise assessment. He says they plan to keep sound from traveling outside the facility by installing a double set of doors. They would be located at the main entrance and leading to the outdoor lounge area.

"The double sets of doors would act as a sound lock to prevent sound from escaping out of the facility when people are entering and exiting," Duncan said.

He adds that they also plan to prohibit tailgating in the parking lot, which would be enforced by Higher Ground staff.

"When people arrive to the site for a concert or an event, they would be ushered into the lobby and they would wait in the lobby until the doors to the concert venue were opened and they would be allowed to go into there," Duncan said. "So they wouldn’t be waiting outside."

The board also wants to wait until they hear from the citizen's group that is against the move.

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