Burlington lights up with holiday spirit as shoppers flood stores

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) It was a busy day on Burlington's Church Street Marketplace, where shoppers flooded stores for Black Friday deals.

And to add a little extra holiday spirit to the evening, the annual tree-lighting took place.

Our Kiernan Brisson spoke with people who weren't letting the cold weather stop their shopping sprees.

"It's been fun," said Kiley Parker of New Jersey. "I got some ramen and I've been sort of exploring the city, all the food places, which is nice."

"I'm here at 6 a.m., the days rounding out, but I come at 6 a.m. usually, long days. I'll come with all my cousins and the family just breaks up in so many different sections," said Derrell Smith of Essex.

"It gets pretty crazy," said Michael Jerome of Burlington. "You got the crowd and you got to push through to get to where you need to get and, I mean Black Friday, it's crazy but you get a lot of good deals."

Thanks to the tree-lighting, there are now about 100,000 lights illuminating Church Street for shoppers. And they will be there for the entire holiday season.