Burlington man replaces vandalized Trump 2020 flag

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Ike Bendavid Saturday a ceremony, held for the man who's Trump flag was torn down from a flag pole on his property and burned.

Trump supporters and politicians from around the state gathered in Burlington to show support for Gus Klein in Burlington.

After our report of the vandalism went viral back in November, the President's son reached out to Klein, saying he would send him a new one. On Saturday, Klein told Channel 3 proudly put up the new flag in his front yard.

"The feeling of pride. I have never been prouder to have an event like this in the city of Burlington Vermont," said Gus Klein.

"It was excitement. it kind of gives the man goose pimples ya know cold chills to know that we have the rights as American citizens to do what we want," Klein added.

The event was mostly peaceful. A few cars did slow down to yell things at the crowd including one car that was covered in anti- Trump messages.

Burlington police, say they gave the driver a verbal warning.