Burlington mom arrested 3 times in a week

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A Burlington mom accused of leaving her toddler with a passed out drug user has been arrested again. That's three arrests in a week for Amber Fusco, 29.

Amber Fusco

Fusco was released Monday after her court appearance for child cruelty. Police say Fusco left her 2-year-old in the car with drugs and her high friend while she went to buy alcohol.

Hours after her release, South Burlington Police caught her in the same parking lot driving an uninspected car without a license. And the vehicle belongs to a man she's not allowed to contact, a violation of her conditions of release.

By video, Fusco denied charges from four pending cases and told the court she is getting drug treatment.

"For me, that's sometimes an aggravating factor that they are using our resources, they are in treatment and they're still involved in drug activity. Whether the drugs were hers or not, if you give her the absolute benefit of the doubt and assume they weren't, she was still in the car with her child with those drugs present," Chittenden County Prosecutor Sarah George said.

Fusco was released again without bail. A judge ruled she can only have supervised visits with her 2-year-old unless a family court judge decides to cut off all contact. That information is not public.