Burlington officials expecting quiet summer season

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Prepare for some changes at in Burlington parks and at the waterfront this summer.

“It looks like it’ll be pretty quiet as far as big events down at the waterfront," said Cindi Wight of the Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department.

Wight says they’re anticipating no events that attract large crowds. People down at the waterfront on Saturday were sad to hear that.

“It’s a bummer and I think this could’ve been avoided," said Brian Wood of Burlington.

Many are hoping that doesn’t affect Burlington's Independence Day celebration, which officials have not made an announcement on just yet.

“It would be a shame really. Where I come from, Massachusetts, a lot of the small towns don’t have any fireworks anymore because they don’t put it in their budget. And i think that’s a real shame to a lot of the smaller towns in the country," said Gary Cook of Essex.

As parks are back open, the city’s 14 playgrounds are still blocked off. Wight says they’re waiting for CDC guidelines on reopening them. She also says keeping them disinfected is a challenge.

“If you could imagine, you could wipe it down and then 15 kids come play on it and then all of a sudden, that disinfectant is gone," Wight said.

You’ll also see new signs soon too, encouraging you to “Come, Play and Move” to avoid overcrowding.

Despite the changes, some things will stay the same. You can still expect to see lifeguards at North Beach, and waterfront restaurants to be open starting next Friday.