Burlington parents create their own crosswalk for kids

Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 6:35 PM EDT
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Some Burlington residents say they've been asking the city for a crosswalk in their neighborhood for years and didn't make any strides. So, they decided to put in one of their own.

Using a cardboard stencil and marking paint, Locust Street residents drew in a crosswalk connecting Locust Terrace and Calahan Park. They painted it Sunday morning and put up a petition encouraging neighbors to contact the Department of Public Works about the demand.

One resident says she's been asking public works about installing a crosswalk for the past three years, but officials told her it wasn't possible.

Neighbors say kids cross Locust Street every morning on their way to the Champlain Elementary School and there have been a few close calls.

"Kids are not going to walk out of their way to go to school. They're going to take the straightest possible route, and that's the straightest possible route. I won't let my son walk to school on his own. I walk with him. He's old enough to walk on his own, but there's no way that I would ever let him cross this road by himself," said Zoe Keating of Burlington.

City Councilor Chip Mason tells WCAX News that public works is planning to build crosswalks, raised intersections and bump-outs on Locust Street by 2020. Mason says it's part of the city's Safe Routes to School project. It's not clear if the design includes that specific location.