Burlington police seek feedback from residents

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Burlington police want to hear from you about how they interact with their community.

If you're a Queen City resident, you may get one of two surveys from the department over the next few weeks.

You don't have to take them but police hope you'll answer because they want feedback on things like how to build strong relationships with communities within the city, how they can improve and how they can build mutual trust.

"If you don't tell us how it is that we are performing and the ways in which you want us to change the services that we provide, then we can't know how we need to change the services that we provide. This is all a shared responsibility. Public safety is a shared responsibility," Burlington Deputy Police Chief Jon Murad said.

One survey will be a text message one-- it's the same one that was sent to mobile phones last month-- that takes a couple of minutes to complete. Police say about 1,600 people responded to that one last time.

The second one is an online survey that they'll be advertising that takes about 10 minutes to complete and is available in many different languages. Click here for the online survey from Burlington police.

All responses will be anonymous. Burlington police say they'll share the results with the community once they're compiled.