Burlington progressives to present racism resolution

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Burlington’s progressive party is pushing for racial justice in the Queen City.

The six progressives on council will introduce a resolution on Monday that seeks to declare racism a citywide crisis.They’re also asking for more collaboration between the city council, public safety committee, and the police commission.They’re hoping to give the police commission more authority over decisions that are made at the police department.

“One of them is just about what the access for them looks like in terms of getting complaints from sworn officers and who makes the choice on what’s worth reviewing and what’s not," Zoraya Hightower, P-Burlington City Council, said. "And then another one which we’re still waiting to hear back from the city attorney on a little bit is about whether or not they’re involved, how involved they are in decision making around use of force.”

The resolution also calls for a 30 percent reduction of the police force, which would take it from 105 officers to 74. Council will also vote on Monday on Mayor Miro Weinberger’s budget proposal, which calls for a 10 percent reduction.