Burlington property taxpayers can defer payments until Sept. 14

Published: Jul. 8, 2020 at 11:42 PM EDT
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If you own property in Burlington, you would typically receive your first-quarter tax bills in the next week or so, but the deadline is being pushed back because of the pandemic.

Katherine Schad, the city's chief administrative officer, says property taxpayers now have until September 14 to pay and there's no penalty. Taxpayers will get their complete tax bill, including the municipal portion and education portion, mailed to them in mid-August.

She says the delay is due to the IRS extending the income tax deadline to July 15.

Schad says there are several ways to pay.

“If you are someone who has their property taxes directly debited from the city debit program, we initiate that and there's nothing that you need to do,” she said. “Also, if you pay your property taxes through an escrow service, we have let all of them know about the timing change and they are handling that so again, that should not pose any problems."

Schad says if you have direct debit set up with your own bank and that is something you initiate usually in August, you should be in touch with your bank and postpone that payment until September 14.

Schad says the city is still waiting for about 25% of homestead declarations from the state as well as other property tax adjustment claims. She says they will not be ready until August 1, which is why they're pushing the deadline back.