Burlington sees an uptick in graffiti

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The Burlington Police say they are seeing an increase in graffiti over the last month downtown.

Officials say that in March 2019, they received two calls about graffiti, but last month they received 12 calls. Those numbers are just complaints compared to the actual rise in graffiti citywide.

The department says responses and enforcement have not taken a back seat, but BPD has tried to limit in-person contact, especially when it comes to responding to calls of "low-level vandalism."

"Target areas have been residences, there have been signs, electrical boxes, buildings, pretty much anything these graffiti taggers are considering canvas," Burlington Police Lt. Jason Lawson said.

Police say the punishment depends on the extent of the crime. If the graffiti can easily be fixed, it may not lead to a charge or fine. Significant damage can lead to a felony charge of vandalism and unlawful mischief.